Dear Friends


Welcome to my blog.

I am current the Director of Research for AppAttic.

And here is what my linkedin bio says…


From a young age, Herman has been an avid technology enthusiast. He spent his early formative years in Hong Kong, where surrounded by emerging technology ultimately encouraged him to pursue a career in software development.

Herman attended school in Belfast Northern Ireland, where he studied at the Royal Belfast Academic Institution (RBAI).

He completed further studies at the University of Ulster with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

While at University he regularly spent time exploring possible ventures and also worked at several small companies. The recession was at its peak when he started his final year in his Bachelor degree. In Oct 2010, Herman decided to take on the challenge of completing a post-graduate PhD course in the University of Ulster. What most interested him was the idea of saving lives through technology, applying knowledge and also developing applications which could ease daily living. Herman applied this knowledge by consulting with many startups within Northern Ireland to help pitch and develop commercially viable software products.

Herman met Rachel (CEO of AppAttic) during his PhD studies.  They have collaborated on a number of projects before he joined AppAttic as Head of Research in January 2015.  Herman focuses on leading the day-to-day research activities of AppAttic.  He is currently interested in utilising mobile technologies, wearable technologies, gamification and rewards within a healthcare setting.